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If you have questions about enrollment availability, want to set up a tour or are interested in being on our waitlist, there are a few options...

First you will want to submit an information inquiry below.  Then when you get a response back from [email protected], she will let you know our availability and what the next steps are to set up a tour.  We usually do tours between 9am and noon and 2pm and 5pm.

If we are full in the class you are interested in, you can ask to be on our waitlist for a non-refundable fee of $200 and the option to accept the first available spot when and if something opens up.  

If we do have availability in the room your are inquiring about, you would be asked to put down a 2-week holding fee of $200 to register/hold the spot for the next 2-weeks.  If you wanted to start later than 2-weeks away, you would need to save the spot long term for $100 a week each week thereafter the original 2-weeks.  We typically do not hold spots longer than 4 weeks at a time when it is not "Open Enrollment" time.  

There are rare circumstances that we hold spots for specific start times for only $200 a child and that is during, "Open Enrollment" and that sometimes is a long tern hold:  

1)Fall Program start date (the first day of VPS) 

2)Summer Program start date (Monday after VPS ends)

3)New Years start date

If you are already enrolled and want to leave for the summer and return in the fall, you can save your spot long term for $100 a week through the summer months.

If you are looking for a long term hold and are expecting a baby, we require a minimal fee of $400 to save a long term spot in our infant room for up to 9 months.  


If you have already enrolled but need enrollment forms to complete the process, or need to still pay your holding/registration fee/waitlist fee

please contact us through email. 

[email protected]

Meranda Ziegler


[email protected]

Dawn Martin

Account Manager/Owner

I would like information